I am a self taught artist, constantly looking at new ways and mediums to express my love of nature and the universe
With alcohol inks I can illustrate the amazing colours and images that the universe displays and also the flowing nature of the sea and sky , both in rage and tranquility
I am in awe at the spectacular images sent back by the Hubble telescope and the wonders it presents to us about life , creation and exploration .
In mixed media I paint the ever changing landscape that I am privileged to live in ( The Malvern Hills ) using glass paints , oils and texture
I also love to use watercolours and collage to paint Cockrels , pheasant and horses
My journey has only just begun , it is exciting and sometimes daunting but I am grateful for the opportunities that art is giving me
When I paint , everything else is forgotten and I am in that moment , something I find difficult to do in my day to day life
If my work brings joy and pleasure to others that is indeed a special bonus